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If you want to have the best parking lot striping experience in Texas, Texas Parking Lot Striping LLC Is the only place to call. We are a premier company offering full-service parking lot services in the area for decades. Our team of professionals always uses top-quality paint materials that are durable, long-lasting, ADA-compliant, and dry fast. The best quality materials combined with professionalism and modern techniques always give you the best parking lot striping results.

Professional Parking Lot Painting And Maintenance

We have been Serving the residents of Texas with the best parking lot striping and maintenance service for the past two decades. With time, we have learned and developed to best meet our customer’s needs. We provide you with quality line striping, seal coating, and parking lot stenciling.

Our parking lot painting and maintenance team is dedicated to giving you the best quality experience. The contractors at Texas parking lot Striping are backed with years of expertise and experience. When working with us, we guarantee you complete peace of mind.

No matter what your parking lot needs are, we can handle them all including, striping, stenciling, seal coating, pavement markings, ADA blue blocks, fire lines, painting, and maintenance. Give us a call today to get a free estimate.

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Our Service

Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping

We offer you the best and most affordable parking lot striping solution in Texas. We not only have a well-experienced crew but also use the highest-quality striping equipment and materials in the industry. We also guarantee you on-time and the highest quality service. Give us a call to start your project today.

Seal Coating

Seal Coating

Sealcoating is the method of applying a protective layer of sealant to the pavement surface. Our seal coating service helps protect your pavement from water, oil, sun damage, and chemical penetration. We offer you different types of standard sealers like tar-based, asphalt-based, and petroleum-based.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

We offer you top-quality pressure washing service that is second to none. Our team of professionals uses top-of-the-line equipment. We are dedicated to completing all your commercial pressure washing needs in the minimum time. When working with us, we guarantee you a brand new lot in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to change my existing parking lot layout?

We can easily adjust to changes in your parking lot layout. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you with striping your new parking lot design, as well as any necessary repairs. We use high-quality materials and precise measurements to ensure that your parking lot will look great and last for years to come.

How do I prepare for striping?

Preparing the parking lot for striping is the key to a successful job. Make sure you clear away any debris or dirt to ensure that there are no bumps or uneven surfaces. Also, check for any cracks or holes in the lot and repair them before getting started with the striping process. Finally, make sure your lines are well-marked and visible so that drivers can easily identify them.

How long will my business be interrupted for pressure washing?

Pressure washing is a quick and efficient process. At most, you can expect the process to take a few hours. Your business will not be interrupted for more than a day because we work with speed and precision. We make sure to leave your property looking like new in no time!

How often should I paint new stripes?

Depending on your specific needs, it is recommended to repaint your parking lot stripes every one to four years. Factors that could affect this include the amount of foot traffic, weather conditions, and the quality of the paint you use. If you only get occasional use or your area has milder weather conditions, you can wait a bit longer before needing to repaint your parking lot stripes. However, if you have more frequent use and harsher conditions, painting more frequently will help maintain the integrity and visibility of your parking lot stripes.

How long does it take to dry seal coating?

Sealcoating can take anywhere from 4-5 hours to dry in a standard temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit and low humidity. It may take longer or shorter depending on the temperature and humidity level. Once it has dried, you should be able to drive your car on it without any problems.

How much does it cost to get my parking lot re-striped?

The cost of parking lot striping varies depending on the size and complexity of the job. It’s important to remember that additional services like seal coating, handicapped symbols, or speed bumps can increase the cost significantly. Contact us for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to help you get your parking lot safely and properly striped!

Locally Owned And Operated

We are a locally owned and operated company proudly serving commercial and private parking lot owners throughout the Texas area. Our efficient team of experts gives you the best advice and guidance on parking lot management to keep it in its best condition. We are a team of local workers that are all licensed and insured to give you a hassle-free parking lot experience. We stripe, paint and maintain parking lots of all sizes. So, if you want to get the best parking lot service experience in Texas, et in touch with us today.

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